Response to Buzzfeed’s “Sexist Things Men Are Tired of Hearing”

Today we are laughing at this absolutely pathetic, idiotic, video by buzzfeed that we came across. Here’s a handy guide to refer to, while you watch the video.

1 to 4: Here these brilliant people reach the absolute limits of their imagination trying to rephrase “men don’t cry” in as many ways and in as many languages as possible.
5 to 8: Women are getting killed. Meanwhile, men are just SO TIRED of being deprived of their right to listen to selena gomez, dance, and ride scooters without it hurting their masculinity 
9 to 13: Men just can’t spend time on pointless grooming rituals without being compared to women! Of course this has got everything to do with oppressing men and nothing to do with how only women are expected to put their appearance before everything in order to be taken seriously! Must be so horrible to be allowed to look like yourself.
14 to 15: Men are not allowed to be scared or watch chick flicks. Duh, oppression, of course.
16: Women not wanting to hang out with men is oppressive. Because of course, getting access to women’s time is a man’s right!
17 to 19: Various misogynistic comments that are SO clearly an expression of woman-hatred that it’s funny they should be seen as sexist against men.
20: “Man up!”. Should have put this with 1 to 4?
21 to 27: Just various sports that men are expected to play. Just the name of the sport changing. They must have been really struggling with finding more things to say.
28 and 29: Jokes about man-boobs.
30 to 32: Again, just the emotions thing. Would’ve been really helpful to club together all the hundred ways of rephrasing this.
33 to 35: Women refusing to date men is oppressive. Make no mistake, this is rape culture.
36 to 37: “You’re so hairy” and “You’re not drinking?”… Are you fucking kidding us? Are men forced to regularly go through painful methods hair removal? What connection does men being expected to drink have on any systematic forms of oppression? Do your wages get cut when you don’t drink? Do you get killed when you don’t drink? Come on, dude.
39 to 40: Again, being called a ‘pussy’ is fucking misogynist. This is not about you.
40 to 42: Various expectations about drinks and smoking. Obviously oppressive.
43 to 47: Yeah, men are not expected to do ‘feminine’ jobs. Whose oppression do you think that is about?
48: Homophobia, not sexism.
49 to 59: Yes, men are expected to work, because women ARE FORCED NOT TO.
60 to 82: Spirals into a mixture of more “men aren’t allowed to be sensitive”, various purely misogynist comments, various comments about men not being masculine enough, etc etc.

Here’s the thing.

Gender roles are in every part of everyone’s lives but it is important to remember that gender is a hierarchical structure designed to keep men in power and women at the bottom. Whatever we associate with men becomes masculinity, and whatever we associate with women becomes femininity. Because we hate women, we end up hating everything that we force women to do, therefore ending up hating femininity as well. When men don’t conform to masculinity, they face prejudice, sure, but women, regardless of whether or not they act feminine, face the threat of physical violence and are systematically stopped from reaching positions of power. THAT is sexism, not this. Ultimately, men WILL benefit from their gender roles under the patriarchy. Besides, we are tired of hearing about men not being able to express their emotions. Have you any idea how much violence is caused everyday because of men expressing their emotions?

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