Some FAQs for ready reference:

1. Isn’t Feminism just another word for Gender Equality?
Ans. “Gender Equality” despite sounding utopian, is nothing but a vague expression that denies the particular problems that a ‘female’ human faces in this world, specifically. We strongly believe a safe world for women can only and only be created through female liberation from patriarchy. Like Simone De Beauvoir said, our feminism is not just for women to simply take power out of men’s hands but to destroy the notion of power that has been constructed under patriarchy in the first place.
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2. What do you think about men being included in feminism?
Ans. Like we said, feminism is a movement for female liberation and hence serves the needs and interests of women. We welcome male allies as long as they understand the aims of the movement and promise not to act like little men about it.

3. Do you hate men?
Ans. We might, we might not. Under both circumstances, it continues to be irrelevant to this conversation.

Ans. Shit, you’re right!

5. Isn’t anything feminist if a woman just chooses it?
Ans. No. Women do not have unmitigated freedom to make choices completely unaffected by patriarchy. Our choices are affected by the conditions we live in. Moreover, having a series of choices does not equate to freedom when all of those choices offer us subordinate positions under the patriarchy and under capitalism. Further, focusing on individual choice encourages victim blaming and stops a structural analysis of our oppression. This applies to makeup, childcare, marriage, staying at home, prostitution, BDSM, etc.
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6. So do you hate women who do these things? Do you hate prostitutes?
Ans. We criticize institutions and structures because we believe they are bad for women. We don’t hate any women who do any of those things. In fact, unlike choice-centric feminism which blames them for the effects of making such choices, we believe that the patriarchy is at fault here. We don’t hate prostitutes. We hate men who think they have the right to buy sex. We believe in abolitionism, which advocates for rehabilitation of prostitutes and criminalizes the buyers of sex.
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7. What can I do to be an ally?
Ans. To begin with, learn how to keep quiet. Elevate women’s voices, not just online, but in your home, in the workplace, and in classrooms. Instead of asking women to educate you, read up yourself. Stop watching pornography. Support all-women’s spaces and provide labour when required. Cut personal and professional ties with exploitative men. Lastly, and most importantly, know when to step back and let this movement be about women.

8. Woah, woah, woah, what do you have against pornography?
Ans. We believe it is filmed prostitution and it is an industry designed to exploit and degrade women.
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9. What is your position on abortion?
Ans. We believe that women have the right to abortion and that is must be legalized. Whether or not a woman wants to undergo abortion is for a woman to decide for herself, and not for society to decide for her.